Dokic retires hurt in Charleston

Dokic retires hurt in Charleston

3 Apr 2012
Matt Trollope

Jelena Dokic’s forgettable 2012 season has continued, with the former world No.4 having to retire in the first set of her first round match at the Family Circle Cup in Charleston.

Playing against Kazakhstan’s Galina Voskoboeva, ranked 50th in the world, Dokic was trailing 3-4 before she called it quits, citing a right wrist injury.

It’s the second time in her past three events that Dokic has been forced to withdraw with the injury – she played just one game in her first round match at Indian Wells against Gisela Dulko before retiring.

On the green clay of the Daniel Island Tennis Centre at Charleston, Dokic had clearly been struggling against the Kazakh before pulling out, spraying three double faults and landing less than half of her first serves.

Down to world No.126 after beginning the year at No.66, the Australian has won just three of her past 12 singles matches.

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  • Dorothysegedinac

    Poor Jelena. Such bad luck. She is strong and has a very strong will. She will be back soon and she will be fierce as she was in the past. When she was 4 in the world the competition was much tougher than now. If she is healthy I can see her winning a couple of grand slams and going up to the top 5. She can use this time to lose weight, get fit and ready.
    Good luck Jeco. We have been following you since your  US open junior win.
    Keep working’

  • El Borre

    Get well soon, Jelena!

  • Gary Graham – Gratige

    I would love it to happen but I just can’t see it. She still has the ability, no doubt about it, not top 5, even 10, but certainly 20-30 if she could stay fit and focused but the body just doesn’t seem to be up to it these days. It is a vicious circle – she needs matches to get fit and in form and just when she does, she breaks down. It is a great pity because she has been a huge and wasted talent for so many years. I hope I am wrong, I would love to see her right up there again. – Gratige.   

  • Chinchilla93

    get well soon. I can totally understand what you are going through with your right wrist. I am going through the same thing right now. You looked in pain when we saw you on Tuesday. I am glad that Sam took your place In The Federation cup playoffs. Hope to see you in fed cup!! I think it would be smart to rest your wrist. Thank you so much for my autograph even though you were in pain with your wrist. Hope you feel better soon it was great to see you for five games on Tuesday!!

  • Mike G.

    Get well soon, Jelena.  When you are ready to play again, why not play some doubles matches.  It could be good for your game and also get you more court time.
    Best of luck in the future.–Mike

  • trevor

    hope to see you back soon

  • Chris.

    Can we please get an update about Jelena and her injury?? There’s been no news at all, please give us some info.

  • GoLadyEagles

    Get well soon for next next grand slam.  Go Dokic 2012.

  • jand j

    is jelena playing frech open this year?

  • Tennis Australia

    Unfortunately, Dokic has not entered the French Open draw due to a continuing wrist injury

  • Chris

    Will Jelena play Wimbledon?

  • Chris M

    What is the wrist diagnosis? Sprain? Strained muscle or tendon? Slipped bone? A lump or growth (half a pea size to full pea) on the backside makes most motion painfully impossible. No serve, weak wild forehand, bad net game. Painful 2-handed backhand. Gotta wait it out, continue hurting it, or get good therapy. Get well. Best wishes.

  • Ed

    get well soon. wanna see you back in action.
    any injury update?

  • LawnTennis

    Dokic withdrew from Wimbledon.

  • El Borre

    Jelena, take good care of that wrist, recover at 100% and than… get back on court to kick some ass!We all know you can!!We are waiting, patiently ;) Best regards from Bulgaria! :) )

  • Jenny

    Is Dokic still being coached by Louise Pleming. Louise is a commentator for Wimbledon atm? So I guess not? Thanks.

  • boris

    Really, where is she? This is the official Jelena Dokic site, get us some updates about her.

  • Bruce

    I just wanted to send Jelena a message of support as I guess it is another tough time in her career with the wrist injury.
    I hope you can keep yourself motivated while letting the wrist heal as you truly are one of the cleanest strikers of the tennis ball I have ever seen. Your natural ability will take you a long way as it always has.
    You are still a young athlete and you only need to look at the recent result at Wimbledon to realise that there are plenty of opportunities to do well as a more mature athlete.
    All the very best for your future.

  • tennis world

    You have put huge information in a single blog.Keep in touch with us in future too.

  • Jeremy

    Jelena, you are one beautiful woman, and a great tennis player. Hope you are able to come back soon and win a Grand Slam, which you so deserve. I empathise with your wrist problem, as I have a similar ailment myself. Best wishes for the future, Jez.

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