Three out of three ‘aint bad

Three out of three ‘aint bad

17 Dec 2010

Three matches in three days and I am pleased that I have been able to have three wins and make the semifinals of the Australian Open Wildcard Playoff. It is always a bit tough coming in from Europe and then with the conditions being so variable the heat, wind and rain it is hard to play your best tennis. I never seem to play my best tennis at the Playoff but then when it comes to the tour I can take it up a notch.

Still it is good to get those wins under my belt. Whenever I go onto the court I go on there to win and while the match practice is valuable, I am out there to win. Today was the toughest match of the week and it went to three sets, but it was good to be tested and come through.

 Glenny and I both agree we still have some work to do on all areas of my game. I also want to lift my first serve percentage. But all of these things will come with more hard work and more matches.

 I can say I am very glad we have put in so much work in the last few months because I have just played three matches in three days and I feel really good. My body feels great and I am looking forward to more work.

I now play Alicia (Molik) in the semifinals on Saturday and that will be a tough match. We know each other’s games well and it is going to be interesting. I will be watching the weather forecast to see what conditions are going to be like.

Speaking of which, I notice there have been some massive storms in Brisbane. I hope they are all blown out by the time we get up there after Christmas!

Just before I go, I can tell you all I was named in the Fed Cup squad yesterday for the tie against Italy in Hobart next February. It is a big squad and I might not get to play because there are a lot of good players in the squad. But I am very happy to be named and I am always happy to play Fed Cup for my country. It is a great experience and I really enjoy the team environment. I think we will all get a chance to push our claims for a spot in the final team in the next few tournaments. It would be a great tie to play because we are back in World Group 1 for the first time in a while and we will have a strong team.

 Talk soon


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  • Joebuzz1

    Nice to see some of your match yesterday live on! If the Wildcard Playoff doesn't go your way (which it will) are you planning to go thru qualifying for the AO? Ah, just win the Wildcard Playoff. Go JD…

  • FrancoisT

    Was so happy to see you win yesterday Jelena. Its good to see you want to work on your serve because that needs improving, I would also suggest not getting to down on yourself in matches also. Not being a professional tennis player myself I can only imagine how tough it must be, thats why I was trying to say “don't worry” to you yesterday.
    In saying that 3 out of 3 is fabulous, keep going. Alicia will be the toughest match so far, thats for sure but play your best and don't get to down on yourself.
    Wishing you all the best and thanking you for the continued updates,

  • El Borre

    Hell yeah,3/3 can't be bad,but five out of five is better ;) Ajde,Jelena!!
    About Fed Cup – just imagine you and Sam Stosur playing doubles… :O

  • Rossdg

    Super play-off so far Jelena. Take it to Molik today. Limit the free points on your serve and we will all see you in the final.

    Best of luck champion.

    Dokisit and CD

  • Intuiter

    Congradulations on another victory. Alicia is your friend and -if I corectly recall a video interview- your doubles partner in upcoming events. She's my 2nd favorite Aussie player. You are #1. Tomorrow, Alicia is just an opponent on your mission to get into the Top 20. Stay focused. Be “super Jelena” that I got spoiled watching in the past. Use your emotional energy as a positive force — like Francois says, don't get too down on yourself. Win the point you're playing, and you'll succeed. Jelena, you are the 'full package'.

  • Eoin Fleming

    Hi Jelena, congrats on Kuala Lumpur. Big fan of yours from Dublin, Ireland. Eoin

  • Fransdiender

    Dear Jelena,
    Can you give some information about the forthcoming matches and tournaments you will play?
    I like to wish you all the best in the coming time!
    Good luck and many winning finals!
    Frans Diender.

  • cliff

    Dear Jelena,
    Hope you still read these. Just wanted to say, our family think your an amazing player and we loved watching you play. How you held your head high out on the court even when your father made it rather hard for you at times. Of course you loved him because his your dad , but it couldn’t of been easy. You should be proud of what you achieved, would love to of seen a comeback but I guess injuries makes that a little hard.
    We wish you all the very best in your future.
    Family from Australia 2014.

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