Jelena’s wildcard play-off blog

Jelena’s wildcard play-off blog

14 Dec 2010

The first day of the Australian Open Wildcard Playoff is today. It is a round robin and in my group they are all juniors, so it should be interesting as I don’t know anything about them. I am looking at it as good practise and a good chance to get some matches. The weather has been a challenge and we have been trying to get some training in, mostly outdoors where we can. It can get very windy here on the outside courts at Melbourne Park and the weather changes very quickly. But I’ve been lucky I’ve had some good sessions outside and had another one yesterday before today’s match.

 My focus right now is on staying mentally strong and being ready for the matches. If the rain comes and we are on and off the court then so be it, that is all part of tennis

 Play starts at 10am and I am second on court. A lot of people ask about my match preparation and that sort of stuff, basically I had an easy day yesterday, trained in the morning and then rested up for the rest of the afternoon and watched a few movies.  I want to see Beverley Hills Cop again, I have all three of them on my computer.

 I definitely think I am ready for this event and have put in the hard work. For that I have my great team to thank and indeed the guys at the Michel Kratochvil Academy in Switzerland especially Michel, my coach Glenny Schaap and fitness trainer Marc Frey. I have been training there for the last four or five months and they have been really supportive and patient in pushing me and helping me. I’m looking forward to going back there next year when I am not travelling.

 For now though my focus is on Melbourne. I have been running around Albert Park Lake and I also like to run around other parts of Melbourne. Sometimes we go to the beach and around the Botanic Gardens. It’s a very nice atmosphere, there are always a lot of people out running around getting fit, it is just so good. There is a big hill on the track around the Botanic Gardens some people chooses to run down it, others run up it. Of course my guys want me to run uphill and when I go with Glenn I definitely run uphill. He likes to make it challenging!

 We have also been on some nice walks around the city but haven’t done too much of that as they want me to rest up and be sharp for the matches. Hopefully though I will get to go the Melbourne Zoo before we leave.

 All tennis today though. Jelena

(Postscript: Jelena won her first Australian Open Wildcard Play-off match 6-2 6-2 against Viktorija Rajicic and plays Ashleigh Barty in the second round.)

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  • Mark H

    Jelena: It sure sounds like you are enjoying getting ready and playing, which is great to hear. It's freezing cold and snowing here in Kentucky, US, so don't get too down about the weather there :) . This blog is wonderful and I look forward to reading more from you.

  • Cassiusclay

    Nice win today! You played really well for your first match back down under. Love the new forehand, and the new racket :) Good to hear you're doing well, good luck tomorrow.

  • Ralebrale

    So proud of you Jelena! Samo tako nastavi! Pozdrav iz Srbije!

  • El Borre

    The blog is wonderful,thank you so much!About the wildcard play-off – I think you should teach these juniors a thing or two ;) ,and if you end up with the WC won,it could turn to be very handy!One more thing – special greetings for Glenn Shaap;judging by your words,he seems to be pretty decent guy,and hell of a coach;every champion needs that kind of mentor,I think :)

  • Alancheung83

    hi jelena nice to see the new jelena i think u can do it back to top 10 again i belive u can u have to belive u can ok good luck and play very strong powerful tennis ok and take care . snow wolf

  • $uki

    Goodluck jelena! watching you since 2001! p.s do you also train in Amsterdam? Because i was used to see Nadia here sometimes when she was training with Glenn.

  • Milan

    Good luck and Go for it,Jelena! we want to see a dream run from 09 again!

    Pozdrav iz Beograda.

  • Alipete

    Good Luck Jelena! We are right behind you. I know you can do it. Even better than Aus Open 2009! All the best!

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