Jelena’s blog, 8 December

Jelena’s blog, 8 December

8 Dec 2010
Jelena Dokic

Hi everyone, have arrived in the warmth of Melbourne fresh from a month of hard training indoors in Switzerland.

I have been training at the academy of former Swiss Davis Cup player Michel Kratochvil in Bern about 100 kilometres from Zurich.  It has been very cold and very quiet, but a great place to just train hard on all of the things I want to work on with my new coach, Glenn Schaap.

I have known Glenn for a number of years and he used to coach Nadia Petrova. Obviously I got to know him better when Nadia and I played doubles together. He is an extremely tough coach and exactly what I needed.

For the first half of this year I had a few troubles with injury and form and was not feeling very good about my tennis. A lot of people wondered why I didn’t play a lot of tournaments in the second half of the year. The reason I stopped playing was to recover from injury and sort out my coaching situation. I needed to make some changes, I felt like I was stuck in one place and my game wasn’t going anywhere.

So the initial time out was good to sort all of that out and then once I had Glenn on board he didn’t want me to even play the events I did. I have seen that some people wondered why I didn’t play too many events, well now I hope it is clear that I just wanted to reset myself for a big return long term. Glenn wants to focus on getting my fitness right, working on my movement, my serves and just getting everything in order. We wanted to plan for the long haul and get in a really good off season. I could have tried to play a few events and get some points to squeeze in main draw at the Australian Open but our focus is long term.

I think it was worthwhile me sacrificing the rest of this year away from the tour so that I can get ready for next year and by that I mean all of next year not just the Australian leg of the season. That’s why we needed a good solid off season to work on the things I needed to work on. Glen has really brought back a lot of motivation. I’ve always had it but he has refuelled it. Again I have to add he is extremely tough, he doesn’t take any nonsense. He really makes me work hard and I like that and I can already see big improvements on the court. I think I now have the right team of people around me and am in the right environment. For the first time in the last four or five years I feel like I am on the right track and am working the hardest I have in a long time.

I am very excited for next year and I am very excited for the Australian Open Wildcard Play-off. I love to come here early because every time I come here early I have done well. Last year I didn’t come early and I didn’t do so well!

The Play-off won’t be easy there are a lot of hungry players, a lot of very keen juniors, Alicia is playing, it is going to be a tough field, but it will just be good to get some matches and try out a lot of the things I have been working on.

It is also good to get a head start on everyone else before heading to Brisbane for the Brisbane International.

So it is great to be back in Melbourne. We have spent the first couple of days just getting some shopping done and settling into the apartment (as well as training of course!) I am hoping just to get into the city tonight and have a look around. I love the warm weather and am really looking forward to the next couple of weeks. I’m also looking forward to getting up to Brisbane and maybe getting to some of the theme parks.

Talk again soon,



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  • Shintaroau2004

    All the best for the Australian tennis season Jelena.

  • joel

    OMG jelena i will be the happiest person in the world im more happy than u that u have more confidence in you! i always pray for u so u can get into ya form and play many tournament, i think it a high time to look really deept inside ya fitness thanks im woth u in

  • joebuzz1

    Nice to have you back! No rest for the weary (or the unseeded! ;0). Let's do this thing! Good luck…

  • Cassiusclay

    So good to hear from you Jelena. Good luck in the playoff, the Aussie summer, and the entire year. Love your new racket by the way <3

  • Al88ex

    Wow what great news! Hope it starts all good with the WC play-offs! And thank you so much to write a blog to your fans!! We will always love youu!!! :) Hugs from Zurich..

  • Rossdg

    The weeks have passed very slowly since your last tournament Jelena. Let's hope for a super start to 2011. Bring it on. Come on JD.

  • James

    It's good to hear from you Jelena !!
    C`mon for the new season, and a fantastic year ahead !

    I'll be coming down to watch you play the AO Playoffs and down under in Melbourne Park for the Australian Open !

    Goodluck (Y)

  • Frederique

    Great to hear from you Jelena! Wish you all the best for the next tennis year!
    Love Frederique

  • Trevor Clarke

    Best of luck jelena with you all the way,just go for it.

  • Linda Evans

    Hi Jelena, great to see you back in Melbourne and hope you have a good time here on and off the court. Thanks for the blog, it was great to read what's been happening.

    All the best

  • Re_Randazzo

    Hi…think your great but I feel you need to up the fitness to get yourself back in the top twenty…cut up and muscle up and I reckon you will cause many upsets…you’ve got the smarts just up the physical side!! Good luck…your a champion

  • Jacinta

    All the best for the Australian Open and the 2011 season, you are such an inspiration to your many fans! and you deserve some luck your way this year. I actually believe you have made the right decision with letting your coach go. Good luck and I’ll be watching you.

  • Fransdiender

    Dear Jelena, can you tell me when you will play again and which tournament will that be?
    I wish you all the best and I do hope you will win some more.!
    Good luck, Frans.

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