Fed Cup

28 Mar 2010

I first played Fed Cup for Australia in 1998 and I have won 15 singles matches since that time, losing three.  Most recently I joined the Australian team in Perth in 2009 for the Asia-Oceania round robin, followed by the World Group 2 play-off against Switzerland in Mildura. They were two successful campaigns and I was happy to win all of my four singles matches.

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  • pj

    I love the uniform shots!

  • Deiner

    you are beautiful…the best

  • Bert Tsetso

    Hey Jelena!!
    I notice when you play your are forever hogging the back court and trying the long shots, and many are returned short (in your front court) and harder for you to make your return. I noticed this in your tournaments and practice sessions. How about playing your short shots and at the net and mixing it up. Mostly at the net….the grunts of opponent players throw you off…how about copying their their grunts and throw them off…..you are good….and would like to see a Croatian win, especially after all your people went through…practice your short game….good luck…Dogtag1

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