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28 May 2009

Check out some of my favourite shots for a magazine photo shoot I did in May 2009.

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  • marcus

    good day! i used to see you jog around farfield in your early career good luck with your life you look great.

  • Rucer

    Jelena I like your new web site, you so beautiful !!!

  • Ian Small

    Jelena. I have had the pleasure to meet you when you played at the hopman and fed cup tournaments in perth. I work in the transport team for both these tournaments.I strongly admire the way you have fought and overcome all of the distractions throughout your career.I myself have been treated for depression and know exactly how you have felt during the harder times of your life.Especially when you say that people dont know how hard it is. I KNOW how hard it can be.Keep going Jelena because I believe you can get back to your best both on and off the court and sincerely hope our paths will cross again in the future.



  • SueD

    Jelena, You look absolutely gorgeous. Good luck in your career and life. U are loved by your fans. Absolutely stunning u are. Take care of yourself and God Bless You. Keep smiling.

  • Roger Federer

    N!ce pics :)

  • P Hodges

    Hi Jelena, I love your new web site. I've looked at your pics and it's clear that you're getting more and more beautiful as you mature. All the best – love from Pete.

  • P Hodges

    Hi Jelena, Can you tell me where I can download the picture of you in the blue dress, as I can't seem to do it on your site ? From Pete.

  • Mszczabel

    JELENA, you are my dream woman as well as tennis player. God bless you. One day you will show to the whole world what you are worth. Love. Mark

  • Bogdan

    Amazing photos. I saw you in Bucharest (last week and last year), you look gorgeous and your tennis was pretty good. I am waiting you in a WTA event, hope soon. Good luck in your life!!

  • lleyton

    Dear jelena dokic I am a big fan of you i would like to get a autograph for my birthday this saturday can you post it to 2/20 viewland drive noosa heads love from your fan adam

  • Ed

    I always thought you were beautiful and sexy as an athlete. You know, the girl in the neighbourhood. But simply put, WOW!!!!

  • Svennis57

    Lovely Jelena. Its no daubt at all. You can stop your tennis carrier, and be a modell any time. You are extreamly beautiful girl !!

  • Will

    Good luck in the open

  • R Neylon

    Hi Jelena
    Took my two boys 10 and 9 to see you play on the weekend
    They were both impressed by how hard you hit the ball

  • Lisaverney

    absolutely beautiful

  • FreddyR

    the most beautiful woman ever

  • Michael

    Hi Jelena, my family and I always saw you playing tennis and training at fairfield and we are so happy that you have achieved your dreams. Now my younger brother plays tennis and my dad always tells him ”you gotta train hard and give it all, I still remember jelena when she was a kid always training and very hard” So we do see you as a great example.
    Thank you and good luck.

  • Gk44

    Jelena-you are a beautiful person inside and out.I missed you for a while but i am so happy at your current success and happiness

  • Frank Riley

    Still a very Wonderful Women you are Jelena, we talked back in 2002 and in 2003 in California. Just keep in mind you have fans that hope for the best for you and still cheer for you. Take care HotStuff. Frank Riley

  • John O.

    You had better come and see me Jelena as if I couldn’t do a better photo shoot of you I’d give up.  He hasn’t done you justice at all.  Keep winning and remember on or “on the court, variety is the spice of life”.  I have played tennis for 40 years at about low pennant level so I am not much good but I have won many matches by just making the opponent unsure of what’s coming next.  You’re a pro so you know it all basically but having watched many of your matches I think you putting more variety into your tennis now you will really make your opponents sit up and take notice: you have the power. Good luck.

    John O.  

  • Emmaemalou

    Jelena I think you are amazing, I first watched you as 13year old at wimbledon and followed you after that, I watched teenis because of you and dont enjoy wimbeledon when you are not playing!, well done I watched your first round match on center court yesterday and you did amazing , I look forward to seeing you win titles in the near future,I’m so happy that you are happy and back to playing when I first watched you all those years ago! Good luck!xxxx

  • rafa

    nice pics, you are beauty, but are somewhat smaller and they are few  =(

  • Raven


  • Elsaracen7

    I haven’t had a thought of you in a few years ( only because I haven’t seen you on any media!) but having been a fan during your heyday, you just popped into my head just now and I wondered how you were doing. Good to hear of you making a comeback and I hope everything goes well for you!

  • True Blue Aussie Fan

    Jelena , all of Australia wants you to win. You are a beutiful girl and you deserve to be on top of the world.
    Just think about all the fans in Australia when you play.Play for us. We will support you.
    So Lelena Go Sam lets win for Australia. We were the top tennis nation for a long time.
    Lets get back on top.

  • Pantarhei

    Greetings from Łódź (Poland). I’m your fan. I wish you success.

  • Duke73

    my dear jelena i hope to see you down hear in nz if my wife lets me see you play you are so sexey  in a very nice way dee auckland nz

  • Anonymous

    Wow these pictures are really beautiful you are the queen of beauty

  • Anna_tn1999

    Ur sooooo pretty! :D

  • Odim26

    Jelena, You are the most beautifull and resposible girl on WTA today and I wish the best in 2012,hopefully you will win one major this year.Remain Blessed.Michael

  • Rippo

    Jelena, Glad to see you come back in tennis and keeps trying doing well on your tennis for australia. Your such a hot babe, l wish l date you lol

  • beullens

    y love you

  • lowell

    more power to you jelena…love you…

  • Rich

    When are you coming back?

  • rommel nuque

    stay happy!!!

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